Leading academic forecasters on energy commodity prices

Commodia brings together top academic economists who specialize in the analysis of global energy markets. Our academic team has published over 60 articles on global commodity markets in top peer economic, finance and econometrics journals over the last 20 years. Unlike most business/professional forecasters, our team has both the academic rigour, and acumen obtained from the following government and private sector positions: Principal Economist of the Bank of Canada, Principal Economist of the Norges Bank, Chief Economist of Barclays Capital, Member of the Petroleum Price Board of Norway, Project Leader for the Nowcasting Project in Norges Bank, and Head of Risk Management at private banks.

Our Team numbers


3 of the top 5 most cited economists on oil prices according to Google Scholar


Over 60 articles published in top peer economic, finance and econometrics journals

20+ year

Over 20 years of expertise working for academia, central banks and investment banks

Advisory and replication committee Team

Our forecasts are created by professorial academics that have developed state-of-the-art forecasting techniques to predict energy commodity prices over the last 20 years at leading universities across the U.S., Canada, Europe and the Asia Pacific.

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